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Howling Bloody Hell
Homage to Marcus Slease
ARCHETYPE Sonnet No. 42
Love of Rarest Vintage
Once Upon A Lifetime
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Life's Indelible Beat
Sonnet No. 36–Citation
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No Borders
Honest Song's Measure
Sappho's Echo
Fullest Moon
Sonnet No. 19
The Lovers
Mythologies & Deities
Overtones of Robert Frost
Sonnet No. 9


The tool waits, pointed, poised for the line.
Sprung rhythm beats to the tune of natural speech
Springing sleek from its crouched branch: high in a tree.
Long, smoothblack words, which speak to a white page,
White forest: where poets labor for a work,
Worthless, if measured by praise, or might.

Hunger always motivates the lifeforce
Seeds sown deep. Ages never hinder man, or beast,
To eat: nor halts the rousing anger found surging,
Lost to all sense or reason: wild, whiteheat
Hot to track the path beneath the ploughed field,
Man released from his prison: frees chained feet.

There is pride bending in rice paddies, sowing seeds
In fields, weaving at looms, long lists stretch, huge in length
Telling tales, found upon lands, where the hand,
Human, went. Hewn stones, mighty, with the smell
Of sweat clinging to them: standing shrines proudly
Show earthstrewn struggles left by man.

Planned lines, fetch fatherson from orbit sky, lone shafts
Rise in long-gone speech, piercing pasts speak to futures,
In stubborn silence: poems, arranged in circles,
Mysterious rings, holding their mysteries
Wisely secret. Suns, moons, earthshaped tokens
Of lost time: forgotten signs of man's beliefs.

Pyramids, sacred tombs of kings, queen:, sphinx-guarded
Passages, manfaced, lion-limbed giants, far-seeing
Symbols of time: sculptured miracles of a high
Priest's genius, Imhotep's great name: written
With stone-dipped pens, praising a higher god:
People's pain stained in noble soil.

Carved coffins hold their carbon-copy cults.
Marble Buddha's squat and watch in polished wisdom.
Small islands hoist gaunt faces, spaceflung, awful.
On and on man's towering strength, rains down, in showers
Of labor: past shadows cast, forgotten glows, grown
Lost, as lovers who caress the night's long hour.

As poets, whose eyes meet the dawn's brief kingdom, seeing
Stamped on the page, marks: where the hand, human, went. . .



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