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It isn't what you say that counts
But how you say it; or even write it.

On reading poetry by Marcus Slease
In an article by Piotr Gwaiazda,
Namely, Nomad Life: citing Slease's new
Book, launched at Desperate Literature Bookshop
In Madrid, Spain last September:
'Play Yr Karde Right'; whose technique -
Called "Eye Dialect" - directs attention
To a 'visual' – rather than 'Hearing'
Effect, though it cannot be detected
Thru listening alone.

It is an approach phonetically
Derived between lack of cohesion
Of written symbols and spoken sounds
In any language; in Slease's case – English -
Where his own experiences are richly sown,
Alongside parental curiosity
To crowd into a lifetime their desires
To cram as much as possible of what
The Great Man himself describes as; entrances
And exits; Slease gives them credits with his dense textures.

Woven humor, learning, and underlying urge
To master, when a teenager, Land and Language.
In order to write 'well' and speak 'right',
At a stage when parents gleaned Mormonism -
Moving family from England to Las Vegas.
Though Slease quickly gave up ideas of trying
To perfect the language; no doubt helped by reading
Kerouac: as well drawing from other sources
Music, Buddhism, Surrealism, etceteras
Where we can feel poetic thirst for knowledge.

An inbred search of constant movement, birthed
Newness of expression, as well, idiom -
An almost erratic, disruptive need
To be elsewhere: seeking otherness
Of a soul, hungering after 'Hiraeth'.
Which means 'A longing for something This
World can never give', Celtic source, with an
Emphasis on 'This' as opposed to 'Other 'world
In short, we glimpse poetic hunger for truth
Peeling off the many skins of an onion,*

In order to find that Kernel, drawing
Inspiration constantly from his readings
And travels; which to this hand writing means
'Culture'- fodder for soul and mind of all
Creators, reminding me of words heard of
Andy Warhol: "All Art is Copy" – in his
Factory, also those of Ezra Pound
To T.S. Eliot "All Art is Borrowing".
Linking up all art forms: be it Urinal,
Dirty Feet of Monk, – or a Tin of Soup.

Slease's art and craft are inherited
Genes of a culture stemming from back of the
North Wind – with a sensuous, colorful
Array of sounds of chipped and chopped sculptures
Forming a newness ideally suited
To our time and age of something sounding
Familiar, yet entirely new! And though
Allergic to security's chains, his poems
Carry solid stems of roots, which claim
Heritage bequeathed of ancient Olav fame!

*Abelard to Heloise

Panmelys 2018


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