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Sonnet No. 9

(Borrowing Bob Dylan's rhythm)
honouring 17 students shot dead in Florida USA – 2018

Yes'n whose loving mercy tells us to rise up
to taste the wonders of the world
Yes'n how many walks will we take upon streets
before we can say they are safe.

Yes'n how many coins do we drop into hands,
whose numbers have become our disgrace
Yes'n how to believe we can trust what is said
of those hopes we so eagerly acclaim.

Yes'n can we wipe out when bad tolls its bell
buying guns as if they were gum
Yes'n let's raise our heads, clench tightly our fists,
as we howl, as we howl, bloody hell !

Yes'n urge angry youth to boycott what is wrong
to boycott what is so badly wrong
Yes'n blame those in charge who permit such a thing
where killers come'n shoot all they see !

Yes'n let's come to grips with drugs and abuse
'nd all that is hidden behind scenes
Yes'n how can we help those aches as they grieve
broken hearts left bereft, full of pain.

Yes'n what can we sing as a hymn to believe
for those angels who have flown far away
Yes'n now you must live as if they were still
beside you in your will to be strong.

Yes'n then you shall see a richness as it grows
in a land full of anger to right wrong
Yes'n shout out your rap to smother all their crap
dirty gains lining pockets full of crime.

Yes'n let goodness shine as the light of many suns
so their deaths won't have been all in vain
Yes'n let this become a beacon in the dark
for adults to stop youngsters owning guns.

Yes'n one day will come where we shall all be one
in that place far away from our day
Yes'n now we just howl, as we howl, bloody hell
as we bid them farewell on their way!