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Mythologies & Deities
Overtones of Robert Frost
Sonnet No. 9


Another voyage out prepares its ship
for doubtful seas –
troubling intonations whisper into winds
of mingling, woven memories
of childhood scenes: imperfectly wound
within these grown-up connotations –
more recollections gather around
the gossamer thread,
are they relevant, mature enough,
to weave the dead into magic matter?

Fragile scattered fusions, soar,
reflecting pasts to futures:
remembered relics of a war –
the one that surprised the other,
fought before, the first one –
supposed to end them all –
woven vibrations recall
waves, caught between leaves,
of deep impressions, stored.
This second war wasn't possible. . .

Hitler painted pretty pictures: pastoral,
couldn't be evil, a devil disguised?
The world was fooled once more –Mussolini besides:
he was hanged, upside down.
Gruesome images flashed upon screens,
horrible fascination clashed with innocence :
opened ovens, stuffed with bones,
faces, where eyes stared out – vacant:
grotesque shapes shuffling: half-alive skeletons,
bodies naked, piled in trenches, neatly stacked. . .

their shames blatantly displayed: everywhere!
                           hair -

all sorts of heaps appeared there,
on the screen: mountains of stolen dignities

indignantly swollen piles
grown high from atrocities
inhumanly performed , by people!

Tow' ring torrents churn inside a well,
of tossing thought –
young emotions thrown early
upon turbulent waters –
unable to recapture now, exactly,
what seed was sown:
                  a certain angry doubt,

Rather a slow stirring,
a knowledge of knowing,
this side too, was a part of the human aspect,
to be reckoned with, understood –
cruelty wasn't something alien,
it belonged to everyone –
quickly to be seized, recognized,
guarded against, this the lesson taught,
passed deep inside, wrought,
in the mind's impression.

A dark awareness absorbed
from the sinister silence
gathered all around me:
hushed horror of cinemas
full of humanity,
being shown aftermaths,
an entire world-tragedy :
staged before disbelief
some sobs escaped, gasps of grief . . .
mainly silence sat !

Noise tumbled out afterwards,
an endless stream, of something released,
let loose – relieving itself
in emotional grumbles :
struck dumb by shock bodies began to fill

the cratered gap – refusing recognition,
hiding guilt behind chatter : incessant talk
gripped the crowd, complaining loudly
about coupons, rationing, jobs threatened :
woman's moans mumbled, in cascading torrents.

An incredible gloss began, varnishing,
horrible deeds done – too gross to keep lingering
long, personal grouses wiped away frowns,
replaced the witnessed impact –
quickly smothered massacres:
hysterical needs replaced guilt's,
drowned itself in busy excuses.
It seems now, with distance disturbed,
a dour determination crept in,
sweeping away gruesome facts.

Rememb'ring those few sobs, belonging
to Italian prisoners, sitting at the back –
puzzled observation, watched :
wondered about the striped-pyjamered ones?
There has remained an ache,
an unfinished hope, to atone
for what happened then- an open
prayer, that human indifference
was simply a sham, for caring?
Since, I've become aware of seduction!

Powerful pride moves the crowds' hearts -
steps outside, into the streets,
swims with tidal waters :
high emotion stirred by tyrants,
whose pea-cocked struts – instill a belief
in loud-mouthed lies: insidious, seducing
racial hatred: inherent madness:
these dangers to be learned, absorbed of errors:
burning arrogance of power,
beastly cruelty of evil terror.

Again and again the foghorn sounds,
its mournful warning toll,
over the veiled dark depths

of man's many disguises:
full of mischief – all allowed
in the name of : Each, Sole, Right.
Sacrificed victims float, out of sight!
Shipwrecked worlds drift aimlessly onwards.
There arrives an urgency to repeat
a warning, as fanatics fan fires. . .

Forging fresh footsteps along, as his'try,
repeating errors, follows blindly.
Foul scents scurry back, worrying this pen,
held between intuition: poetic vision,
and obscure memory. Voices, begging futures,
to remember past atrocities,
rising up from shallow graves
they crowd artistic agony !
Lost hopes cry bravely
pushing out dreadful laments.

Those of yesterday, and now, gather here
on virgin sheets, defying destructive
racial slogans, as evil fiends vibrate loudly !
Clean-cutting lines slice swiftly thru,
reminding now of then, and times before –
urging poets' courage sing their ageless songs
casting truth as worthy rhetoric, to reach
peoples' longing hopes, of finding
what their insides feel as need of heroic
recipes, to heal hungry spirit-souls.

In this modern day, let us plead mercy
for all suff'ring victims, creating new ways
to bring forth cosmic vibrations of Light.
Mystical knowledge must seek new paths,
Leading people away from false ideas
of distractions: occupations full of noise
and hollow fulfillments, of shallow depth.
A fury of energy direct these lines;
unlock closed doors of white-washed lies:
they shall be heard, they will survive.

These outstretched palms hold invisible lives,
calming the poet's impossible mission,
letting them come of sprung rhythms
casting long shadows, they stride across chasms,
sure, in their unseen depth, surging forward,
moving over the world's wide breadth, gaining
mighty strengths, fighting despotic confusion.
Future worlds, rising, solidly sound,
in another phase of nature's life-force;
built upon old ruins, freshly revived!

Fortresses of fierce hope, spring forth,
refusing despots of evil ego,
strutting brutes of low-brained essence :
as brand new initiates rise triumphant,
teaching peace and simple knowledge,
of the soul's yearning to drink fresh water:
consciously becoming alive to life,
full of beauty and hidden foliage, this
the golden bough of spiritual awareness,
which stirs the next world stage !

Waves and waves of every dimension
endless in their length and depth,
disrupting septic propaganda tricks,
with defiant, deliberate steps:
combating absurdities of arrogant
ideas; preening ourselves as inventors –
when all exists, as it is, perfectly
designed for us to find and discover,
within nature's superior grandeur !

Humility bows before Infinity:
waiting patiently for humanity
to walk upright, and recognize
nature's infinite soul beckoning:
inviting us to participate
of her great ceremony:
whereby to understand some profound
mystery and language, instead of
a constant conviction of praising;
our human species as sole creators !

Great wisdom feels instinctively
the hidden layers of perfection,
buried deep of some Absolute equation,
where the Senses alone absorb and act
their own particular mental performance,
of existing as part of some enormous fact,
as yet to be revealed of subconscious
knowledge, where one truth superior:
Love's perpetual continuity -
inbred, of life's opaque reason for Being !


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