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Howling Bloody Hell
Homage to Marcus Slease
ARCHETYPE Sonnet No. 42
Love of Rarest Vintage
Once Upon A Lifetime
Overtones of Holmes
Life's Indelible Beat
Sonnet No. 36–Citation
Chained Tears
Ode to a Bookshop
A Grain of Sand
Europe's Decline
Celtic Vibrations
Morning Mists
Cymru (Wales)
Old Men of My Village
Salt of the Earth
Windy Frenzy
Where the Hand, Human, Went
A Love Song
The Chess players
Love Is So Unwise
The Triple Muse
Spring Rain
Winter Sunset
Always 'There'
Angels in the Sky
Imperishable Essence
Urge of Creation
Collector's Items
Child of Delight
Cleaning out Attics
The Artist
Love's Sublime Echo
No Borders
Honest Song's Measure
Sappho's Echo
Fullest Moon
Sonnet No. 19
The Lovers
Mythologies & Deities
Overtones of Robert Frost
Sonnet No. 9


"I heard the footfall of the flower, spring".*
Olwen, Isis, Ishtar, Marilyn.
Rolled into one splendid line of Sappho,
Demeter, Persephone, Ceres, Io:
all springing from woman's earthy dampness,
there leaving her trefoil footprint's whiteness:
a shining spiral of milky softness,
within the inky darkness of her womb;
where births the swelling ninth wave's fullest moon.

Panmelys *Sappho's line