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Howling Bloody Hell
Homage to Marcus Slease
ARCHETYPE Sonnet No. 42
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Once Upon A Lifetime
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Sonnet No. 19
The Lovers
Mythologies & Deities
Overtones of Robert Frost
Sonnet No. 9


iambic zigzags
jambic jogs
jumping jack-in-boxes
gollywog dances
ping, pong, ping.

spinning spirals
winding words
recording discords
spilling out sounds
stored in musty attics.

dusty storehouses
collected dreams
wrapped around cobwebs
wound within cords
survival's threads.

intricate patterns
of woven worlds
aborted misfits
kept as reminders
swept by brushes

cleaning out attics
forgotten pasts
knitted wrinkles
ill-assorted piles
memories alive with holes.

images heaped upon
precious moments
bitten by bugs
fabricated fantasies,
yesterday's hopes

surround decay
fallen-apart seams
carefully wrapped
between pages
eaten yellow.

people's dreams laid bare
revealing ages
smelling mothy
damp dry spotted
happy awful!

ignored looms
on top floors

mysterious smells
beguiling images
revealing cares
of centuries guilt's
hopes smiling photos.

married strangers
side by side
glued together
fine stitches sewn
neatly lined show woman's

dour destiny
hates mingled with loves
harsh sentences signed
sedately seated her 'Dot'
chimes the female lot.

sold as bargains
dowries blots
upon sheets seeds
carrying deeds
performed on feathered beds.

tattered heaps
against society's
evil eye upon
the female dread!

doomed wombs
producing fruits
of man's labor
subjected shadows
reflecting back

his deepest needs
his highest hopes
disappeared customs
stored in boxes
locked in secret diaries.

brave new forms
appear horizons
rising tall
grow ugly and forlorn.

boxes replace houses
placed one upon another
trees topple
decades totter.

futures stripped nude
clean-shaven modern
squares return
symmetric sharp
hard-textured crude.

I spy boredom.
green a color
denied cities
space used for skyscrapers
drilling cement blocks.

nature shocked
to underground dens
where rebellions wait
as hist'ry repeats mistakes.

combating weaknesses
with strengths
needs against greed's
necessity fights ideals
survival eats.

no rule can tell
what swells the human act
nothing more exact
or sure than naturally
designed law.

nothing superior to life
nor truth, nor genius
knowledge limits measure
if to delegate nature
a region alien.

false values, theorize
upon man's behavior
tries luring him away
from natural self
nurture versus nature.

outside factors entice
and seduce goodness
into evil device
the choice to succumb
or resist no easy dice

to define each pasture
cultivating grain
within its time
tribes memorize
their own demise.

what results is always
spiritual for it adapts
creates new apogee
in every age it finds
a better way of life

this alone true source
of what we name
a higher wisdom
nature's hidden force
present in all living life.

inborn essence dwells
nearest to man
moves massive ideas
towards desires
turns him inwards

the common weave
is of slippery gait
though needful
of superior thread
to lead.

above all else
it knows its private
place remains master
of its own sown seed
rebels against injustice.

it is this mass revolt
which stirs the common
soul to seek
solutions for wrong deeds
and corruption.

hist'ry points its finger
showing us erosion
in cultures sacrificed
to self-satisfied pursuits
bound in chains to 'things.'

possessions become
power politics
pretend to hate the rich
as they line own pockets.

no words suffice
when civilized nations
succumb churned victims
to the wheel of fortune
or fanatic zeal.

words easily conceived
they are important
language a vital tool
to be integrated
into every school.

let us begin to speak
in plurals
let us found
new institutions
new ways of airing

thoughts outdoors
aired verbs
across chasms

gaps abysses
between cultures
let us sit down
shed our differences
islands of ignorance.

let us exchange
there can no longer be
small minds must learn

as big as oceans
trees heavy with fruit
expanded ideas
extended horizons.

stretching far afield
beyond anxieties
dragged out
on plush couches
let us yearn to yield

harmony and new
let us not fear
to displease
when need arises.

uncertainty prevails
upon this day
as East moves
Westward waving
varied flags.

humanity flounders
either in abundance
or else nothing
a timeless outcome
of rich and poor.

it's always been so
yet does not permit
us to ignore another's
distress sores
must not fester.

genius is often obscure
a smell flight of fancy
mere intuitive flare
or predestined prediction
given to the few

who insist and persist
in pursuing
whiff or whim
beyond the confines
of their time.

genius is aware
nature contains all
there is to discover
man simply finds
stumbles fumbles

with new equations
quantum's, quarks
atoms splitting
as science advances
genius our salvation!

it would be well today
to refresh
our Western minds
of the ancient Eastern
expertise we absorbed

perhaps we could reform
reshape our thoughts
of what Europe owes
to these ancient cultures
of advanced knowledge?

progress can absorb more
we are able to innovate
enormous inventions
if we each use our wits
share our evolution

our traditions trades
cultures can unite
and still remain separate
USA an example and
Babel before her.

the future is our past
the present fugitive
let us encourage quality
it would be a shame
not to grasp such gain.

let's not grovel beneath
terrorist tactics
these are minority brutes
looking for novel fame
drop-outs of fragile grain.

we must be the teachers
able to handle rebels
racial hatred as well
rabid with rage.

we cannot solve
all world problems
though we can urge
the young to engage
in ways of doing good.

soon a new energy
will brighten the horizon
full of its own genius
as a new philosophy

out of chaos light surges
as future's fresh discov'ry
rises from ashes
forming the next world story
full of its own unknown hist'ry!

Panmelys 2012


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