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The last words of Jean Ormesson, France 5
Panmelys interviewed at 10:58

Sunday Tea Party with Panmelys
Video creation and music composition by Glenn Thomson, Australia

PANMELYS with her painting, Melting Ice No. 1, at La Grande Palais in 2010. Salon des Artistes Francaise.


I'm afraid there's not a great deal that would satisfy the kind of world we live in today, more interested in certificates, diplomas, published work, success, than in the creative product as it is, which, if it is appreciated and enjoyed, should be a proof of its being, by itself, worthwhile. I do have a diploma from MRT Montreal Rep. dramatic arts school after a 2 year training. The main reason for this training was to be able to read my poems, and those of others, in a professional way.

There are other certificates, but nothing in the creative arts category, which this web site is all about. A female poet and artist has to earn a living, if you're not lucky enough to have "A Room of One's Own" (Virginia Wolf) - therefore needs proof of competence in other fields, in order to eat, or else die of starvation, which of course the public adore. It has always puzzled me how people feel it necessary that artists should suffer, in order that their work be more appreciated. Suffer, sometimes to extremes, commit suicide, or fall dead along the road, due to addictions which destroy their bodies.

Well, I didn't die early, neither ever felt the necessity to go to extremes of body torture; and even worse than all this, never doing much in helping myself be known, seen, or appreciated, apart from the few who have counted, and now late in life, the public to which I am exposed. In short, I'm active; poetry readings, art exhibitions, galleries, which begin to show approval signs, forcing me out of my underground security, of creating prodigiously poetry, writings, paintings. As the old idiom goes, its never too late, its my karma, destiny, or whatever. I add, that I've enjoyed thoroughly simply creating, because I can do nothing else: with, or without success. Also believe in mystery and secrecy as being, in a final count, what matters most.

Perhaps you'll be disappointed in a nobody who firmly believes she's a somebody, believing her mission is programmed, and meant to be? Boasting was once a Greek way of being, so my genes must have some of this trait, as I do believe the genes retain the memory of all time, it is why I'm often surprised by my own creations, as if they pop out of big dark holes in the universe, forcing themselves to become living bodies, giving out messages and truths, which is the only thing you have to fear from a poet, truth: (it was the poet Ted Joans who wrote that) not always what the public want, neither what political regimes wish to hear. I'll add what George Whitman of Shakespeare and Company once said to me, which bowled me over, for he was no flatterer: no doubt in one of his rare good moods: "You're greater, because you've understood what mystery is all about, it's this which intrigues the crowd." He's now deceased, so there's no proof of his words, but he was right in his judgment. I miss him more than words can express.

Poets are born, not made: which has become the virus in our over-educated mass produced quantity world; as opposed to quality and hard labor, which true poetry demands. A good sense of humor helps and is perhaps vital to survival! Panmelys, my pseudonym is a Micmac of my first name, all honey, melys in Welsh means sweetness, Pan of course, is the mythic god of All, Great, loving life and pleasure. I also had another pseudonym an anagram for Incognito – OcniOting, which I changed in the year 2000. Fantasist, or heroine with a thousand faces? Hope you enjoy my website: and remember: Love is never wasted, even when it doesn't last

Panmelys, 2014-France


Panmelys with her painting "Sunrise in Wales" at the vernissage at Théâtre des Sablons in Neuilly sur Seine. March 2015.


Panmelys with JC Fromantin, the Mayor of Neuilly sur Seine.
Photos by Stefan Hoareau. Email:


Gallery Etienne de Causans - 2014 Who's Who in Int'l Art


Panmelys at her exhibition in Neuilly, 2012


Below is a poem written for Panmelys when she was Ocni Oting (Incognito)
by her friend, translator, fellow poet and published writer René Agostini of Avignon University. In March, 2015,
René will read some his works while in the United States.




May Kavanagh
fuel the Fire
May Kavanagh
be a Spring
an everlasting month of May
with Flowers sweet
springing out of your Earth
and Fruits fragrant
springing out of your Tree.

May Kavanagh be
one more Spring
in the springing of your Art
towards the Sacred Orchard
your hidden Garden of Eden
the Light of Heaven
beams Spiraling and Gyrating
towards all. . .

those who need
on this ever-quaking earth
your Fiery Flowers ;
sparking Fruits
in the shade of your Tree
in the rustle of your Leaves
whirring of your Wings
your dance in the Sky
your shining




Panmelys pouring tea from the famous yellow kettle at the Sunday tea party
in George Whitman's private apartment - Shakespeare and Co.


Panmelys doodling at La Grande Palais.


Panmelys at the Salon des Independents, Porte de Champerret.
Painting on site in her stand.


Panmelys copying a painting of her own.
Salon des Independents, Porte de Champerret, France.